Do It Now!

Ashley Qualls – Founder Of

One of the things that hold a lot of would-be-entrepreneurs back is procrastination. This held me back for years too. I know what i want to do and how i want to do it but i always find excuses for why i can’t. “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “i don’t have enough money right now” are phrases that have become way too familiar to me. Ashley Qualls(Above) however, is the exact opposite. At age 14, with $8 that she got from her mother, she started    originally as a hobby. is a site that provided myspace layouts for teenagers and was well received by teenage girls her age. Soon she was getting excess of  1million hits a day and the ad revenue started pouring in. She gave herself the title of CEO and dropped out of high scool using the basement of her home as her office and employed her mother together with some friends from school as the business demands grew. In 2006 she paid USD$250 000 in cash for a home that she now lives in together with her mother and sister. Ashley is a good example of why doing it now is so important.


After being asked the question “how do you get the money to do what you love?” Gary Vaynerchuck said “You don’t!..What you do is you position yourself to succed”  So the next time you find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t do what you know you should be doing to progress, let Ashley be your inspiration and proof that there is gold but only if you position yourself at the end of the rainbow.

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