Screw It Just Do It!

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson Founder Of Virgin Enterprises

Ever since i was a kid, I’ve always wanted to own my own business. Both my parents were employed and although they were doing quite well for themselves, something always intrigued me about entrepreneurs. I had an uncle who was a transport entrepreneur. He began his career in the field after importing a few mini buses from Japan when he worked as a buyer for one of the nations largest clothing retailers. He quickly got out of the rat race and started on a journey to financial freedom. He now owns a logistics company and is doing quite well for himself and his family. Now i know a lot of rich people but what really touched me about my uncle was a piece of advice he gave me as a child. These were his exact word

   “If you have a talent pursue it and get rich”

These are the words he told me after i had pressed my first mixtape cd and given it to one of his kids to listen to. I thought he was mocking me at the time  so i laughed and so did everyone else in the room, which ones filled with a bunch of adults including my parents and other uncles and aunts. He looked at me seriously and said “i mean it!” . Now, i belong to an African family in which my uncle had become a very respected man because of the wealth he had amassed, so for him to give such advice to a child who aspired to be a rapper might have been viewed as irresponsible but he was right. If thats what i wanted to do i should do it and do it until i was a success at it. Although he told me this years ago,that piece of advise has never left my mind and it is one of the reasons i started this blog. Over the next couple of years, i will share with you tools that will help you to leave the rat race and not only become your own boss but become a successful and inspirational boss to others.

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